"We promote Humanity , with what we receive.

  We make a life , with what we give."

About Us

The Charitable Works Foundation is a Non-Profit Organisation based out of Ahmedabad. It is founded by the students of Anand Niketan Satellite Campus. TCWF came into service on 10th April 2023. The foundation has a sum of 50 members as of May,  2023. Entries for new members open on every month's first weekend. TCWF holds their philanthropic sessions every Sunday.

The Ultimate Objective

The Foundation has it's main objective as to help the Underprivileged People by providing them with nutritional food plates and educating them through fun learning! A food plate includes Rice, Dal, 5 Rotis and some vegetables. As well as, Chaas (Buttermilk), Gulab Jamun as dessert along with a Water Bottle. Our education project aims at distributing kits which children can use to gain knowledge that helps them to be confident individuals of society. Moreover, we also spread awareness of personal hygiene and the duties of citizens in our nation.

Where does TCWF get it's funds from ?

Before every event, all of our members donate to the Foundation so that we have a consequential sum for gathering the food plates and educational kits. It is mandatory for all members to donate a minimum sum of 100 every Sunday so that the Foundation has a substantial budget for it's events . Except for it's members , TCWF has a fundraiser live on Milaap where anyone can donate funds for the Foundation .

Our Visits 

Wherever we go, all of us try to establish a bond with the people there and make them feel comfortable and special. We often have dance sessions and recreational activities, namely, fire on the mountain, land and sea, musical chairs, etc. Here we are able to get the children involved in the sessions by encouraging them to participate and trying our best to make their day good. When we go to Old Age Homes , we first take blessings of the elderly through Indian Tradition of 'Charansparsh' which means touching ones feet demonstrating respect to him/her . Then we proceed with games like singing songs (Antakshari), tambola , passing the parcel . Then we proceed with our food serving sessions . This is how all our events are based .

TCWF Family

Here is a photo of all the initial members of TCWF that helped the foundation reach a stage where it is right now . These are only a handful amount of members of the TCWF family . As of now the foundation has 60 members and counting .